We have competition. So you are aware of their presence. Great competition shows your respect and honesty; advantage and differentiation. You see your place in Quadrant (Gartner). So your vision in the long run and what customers want.

You must be able to:

  1. Identify competitors
  2. Analyze competitors: market location, products, marketing, sales, HR
  3. Identify competitors in the segment: Primary (direct), Medium, higher (indirect)
  4. Identify opportunities / threats: environment, internal (opportunities – at the right time, scenario – and what if …?)

Competitors map visualization plan

  • Show the categories and areas of the market in which the competition takes place. (Will it be the same in the future?)
  • Clear comparison by category with major competitors.
  • Clear differentiation (you can include names and show clearly).

How to get more data about competitors?


  • Analyze personnel strategy, when (terms) and for which positions people were hired, what profiles, what previous experience, location

  • Product updates, fundraising, achievements

  • Also check out other social networks – Facebook, Twitter, etc.


  • Profiles of founders / advisors

  • The amount of capital raised in financing rounds

  • Site traffic

  • Patents / trademarks


  • Tracking tools (based on Google)

Value proposals
Key tasks: determine the meaning, be specific, compare the problems and benefits of customers, understand how you can solve these problems

It is important to focus on income, not waste.