United Startup Office

Your assistant to finance at business


We work with small and medium-sized businesses that are relocating from Ukraine to Poland and other European countries.

We help with obtaining funding from the EU, legalization, accounting services and management reporting


What do we do?

We have extensive experience in all stages of the startup life cycle and provide consulting services to both small businesses and global businesses.


  • Search and selection of grant programs for your startup

  • Preparing the startup for the grant

  • Creating grant applications

  • Preparing for the presentation of the idea

  • Organizing meetings with experts on the assessment of weaknesses in the startup and presentation

  • Support of reporting


  • Search and selection of investment funds for your startup

  • Organization of meetings with the Funds

  • Search and selection of grant programs for your startup

  • Preparation of investment proposal

  • Recommendations for an effective patch deck and one-pager

Business processes

  • Business process optimization

  • Optimize the sales department or create it from scratch

Areas of coverage



Fintech/ legaltech

Medtech/ healthcare

Edtech/ martech


Marketplace/ ecommerce




How we work

For each project, we have prepared a roadmap, which consists of stages with goals and business objectives, which are discussed and implemented in three areas – diagnosis, collaboration and consultation.

  • Diagnosis

    The mentor immerses you in your project and makes a slice of the current metrics on your track. The cut helps to understand where to start and where to go.

  • Collaboration

    Joint work of the mentor and the project. The role of the mentor is to set priorities and show benchmarks – the role of the team is to work out the issues under discussion and implement the tasks.

  • Consultations

    During the program, the mentor recommends methods, models, life skills in his competence. The deepest elaboration of the task is required. You can contact our expert at any time.

More information can be found on our FAQ page

Stages of work

Project audit

Assess the attractiveness of the project for the grantor / investor

Recommendations for increasing investment attractiveness

Search for startup funding

Creating a grant application or getting acquainted with the Investment Fund

Providing a presentation structure to protect the project

Organization of test defense and consultations with experts

Providing a list of possible defense issues

Consultation on the correctness of the answers to these questions

Development of an estimate / business plan

Preparation of documents for signing a grant / investment agreement

Providing contacts for contractors to open a company abroad

Support in the preparation of the first report

Providing contacts of accountants for tax reporting

Unique benefits

Effective terms of cooperation: we work on the terms of success fee, because we are interested in your results

High level of expertise – 95% of startups get to the startup presentation stage and 66% received grants

Working with a startup is possible remotely

Turnkey grant support – we not only help to receive a grant, but also give recommendations on reporting

Offices for meetings in the Center of Kyiv (Maydan Nezalezhnosti – IHub and Lukyanivska – UnitCity)

Extensive database of contacts in the Funds, accelerators

Recommendations of competitions for startups

Our partners

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